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Animals in Panama
Panama is a lush jungle habitat that is located on an isthmus, linking South America to Central America. This country is home to a culture rich in tradition as well as a wide array of vibrant animal life that live in its many unique habitats. These aspects make Panama one of the most diverse and unique natural places in the world.

The rich and unscathed natural jungles of Panama are home to many animals that are native to both South America as well as Central America. Some of the most notable of these animals include:
ocelots, crocodiles, armadillos and pumas. The diverse mixture of swamps, jungle and mountain ranges creates an environment in which animals with all different needs can live and flourish.

Aside from the wide array of animal species that inhabit Panama, it is also home to one of the most lustrous bird populations on the planet. Long-distance birds that migrate from other areas in the world to lay eggs and raise young, while many native tropical species can be seen flying through the tree-tops.

One aspect of Panama's natural habitat that make it so unique is its distinct location between the deserts of Northern Central American and the Rain Forests of South America. Due to this fact, it has animal species that cannot be found in any other place in the world. Some of these species consist of the giant tree sloth and golden tree frog; both of which have called this minute area of the world home for hundreds of thousands of years.

Panama is truly a beautiful place; with one of the most intact natural habitats on the planet. Unfortunately, as populated areas begin requiring more land, these natural environments are dwindling at an alarming rate.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Panama.
Even-toed ungulates in Panama
Red brocket
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
White-tailed deer
Carnivores in Panama
Gray fox
La plata otter
Bushy-tailed olingo
Bush dog
Chiriqui olingo
Central american cacomistle
American jackal
Eyra cat
Amazonian hog-nosed skunk
Greater grison
Long-tailed weasel
Crab-eating raccoon
Northern raccoon
Little spotted cat
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Panama
Blue whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
Estuarine dolphin
Pygmy killer whale
Bridled dolphin
Blainville's beaked whale
Atlantic spinner dolphin
Lesser beaked whale
Euphrosyne dolphin
Killer whale
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Long-beaked dolphin
Rough-toothed dolphin
Pygmy sperm whale
Fraser's dolphin
Atlantic dolphin
Bats in Panama
Big crested mastiff bat
Montane myotis
Orange nectar bat
Big naked-backed bat
Riparian myotis
Thomas's nectar bat
Tent-maiking bat
White bat
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
Great fruit-eating bat
Parnell's mustached bat
Mexican funnel-eared bat
Tomes's sword-nosed bat
Brown tent-making bat
Brazilian brown bat
Pygmy fruit-eating bat
Wagner's mustached bat
Striped yellow-eared bat
Argentine brown bat
Toltec fruit-eating bat
Lesser bulldog bat
Long-legged bat
Little yellow-eared bat
Big brown bat
Greater bulldog bat
Great stripe-faced bat
Black bonneted bat
Broad-eared bat
Dwarf bonneted bat
Wagner's bonneted bat
Sanborn's bonneted bat
Macconnell's bat
Thumbless bat
Commissaris's long-tongued bat
Pallas's long-tongued bat
Silky short-tailed bat
Chestnut short-tailed bat
Little yellow-shouldered bat
Seba's short-tailed bat
Hairy big-eared bat
Highland yellow-shouldered bat
Shaggy bat
White-bellied big-eared bat
Louis's yellow-shouldered bat
Wrinkle-faced bat
Talamancan yellow-shouldered bat
Underwood's long-tongued bat
Salvin's big-eyed bat
Schmidts's big-eared bat
Chestnut sac-winged bat
Little big-eyed bat
Hairy big-eyed bat
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Striped hairy-nosed bat
Big-eared wooly bat
Peter's disk-winged bat
Lesser dog-like bat
Pale-faced bat
Black mastiff bat
Spix's disk-winged bat
Pale spear-nosed bat
Bonda mastiff bat
Tacarcuna bat
Greater spear-nosed bat
Southern yellow bat
Thomas's broad-nosed bat
Pallas's mastiff bat
Fringe-lipped bat
Big red bat
Little white-shouldered bat
Heller's broad-nosed bat
Sinaloan mastiff bat
Proboscis bat
Common vampire bat
Handley's tailless bat
Shadowy broad-nosed bat
Silver-tipped myotis
Greater sac-winged bat
White-winged vampire bat
Geoffroy's tailless bat
Greater broad-nosed bat
Hairy-legged myotis
Chestnut long-tongued bat
Lesser sac-winged bat
Northern ghost bat
Aztec fruit-eating bat
Black myotis
Goldman's nectar bat
Dark long-tongued bat
Hairy-legged vampire bat
American marsupials in Panama
Andean slender mouse opossum
Slaty slender mouse opossum
Central american woolly opossum
Common opossum
Alston's woolly mouse opossum
Mexican mouse opossum
Robinson's mouse opossum
Brown four-eyed opossum
Sepia short-tailed opossum
Water opossum
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Panama
Forest rabbit
Eastern cottontail
Dice's cottontail
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Panama
Baird's tapir
Primates in Panama
Black-handed spider monkey
Golden-mantled howling monkey
White-faced capuchin
Geoffroy's tamarin
Black-crowned central american squirrel monkey
Rodents in Panama
Red-tailed squirrel
Panamanian spiny pocket mouse
Rufous tree rat
Variegated squirrel
Alston's brown mouse
Painted bristly mouse
Chiriqui brown mouse
Chiriqui harvest mouse
Hispid cotton rat
Alfaro's rice water rat
Vesper rat
Short-tailed cane mouse
Bicolored arboreal rice rat
Dusky rice rat
Mexican hairy dwarf porcupine
Trinidad arboreal rice rat
Fulvous pygmy rice rat
Sprightly pygmy rice rat
Chiriqui pocket gopher
Southern spiny pocket mouse
Darien pocket gopher
Desmarest's spiny pocket mouse
Tomes's rice rat
Armored rat
Alfaro's rice rat
Bolivar rice rat
Coues's rice rat
Tweedy's crab-eating rat
Boquete rice rat
Central american dwarf squirrel
Bangs's mountain squirrel
Yellow isthmus rat
Talamancan rice rat
Western dwarf squirrel
Mt. pirri isthmus rat
Darien harvest mouse
Mexican deer mouse
Mexican harvest mouse
Rothschild's porcupine
Sumichrast's harvest mouse
Central american agouti
Goldman's water mouse
Coiban agouti
Underwood's water mouse
Spotted paca
Mt. pirri climbing mouse
Fulvous-bellied climbing rat
Panamanian climbing rat
Tome's spiny rat
Watson's climbing rat
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Panama
American manatee
Edentates in Panama
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
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