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Animals in Russia
Russia is home to many interesting animals, including a few that are native to the country. Among these is the Amur tiger, which is the largest member of the cat family and the only one known to live in a snowy climate. This tiger is native to Russia, and lives in the Amur-Ussuri region of the Siberian Alps. The Amur tiger is nearly four feet tall at the shoulders, taller even than the Bengal tiger. Males reach more than ten feet in length and up to nearly 700 pounds. These tigers normally prey on
wild boar
wild boar, but they seek other foods when boar are not available.

A species of boar is also native to Russia, called the Russian Boar. This animal grows to more than 500 pounds in weight and lives in the Siberian Alps and other areas. Boar are actually widespread across many parts of the world, and this is just one species. Russian Boar grow wild in remote parts of Russia, normally remaining in snowy areas. Boar have a vicious reputation, with razor sharp tusks and powerful legs. Boars are also known for their aggressiveness, and are considered dangerous. Few, however, live near human population.

The Eastern or Siberian Roe Deer is a species of deer that is native to Russia, but that is also found in China, Korea, and other parts of Asia. These animals grow to 90 pounds and are not considered endangered. These antlered animals can jump to approximately 40 feet in length, and live on a diet of grass, reeds, leaves, and berries. They are active in the twilight, and live in the woods and in grasslands.
eastern roe deer
Eastern Roe Deer live in Russia and throughout Asia, but there is also a
western roe deer
Western Roe Deer which is widespread in Western Europe.

Bears are native to Russia, too, though one tends to think more of the bear as a symbol of Russia or a favorite image used in cartoons and articles. In some cases, these depictions have been less than flattering, with the Russian bear image portrayed as oversized, clumsy, and barbaric. In the 1980s, the bear was commonly depicted as a symbol of Communist aggression.

Many other animals live in Russia, even despite its harsh climate. Many of them are transplants from other countries which have adapted themselves to the Russian landscape. The endangerment of species continues in Russia just as in other countries, and measures are taken there to protect endangered animals.

Click here for a list of endangered animals in Russia. Elk
Sika deer
Roe deer
Eastern roe deer
Saiga antelope
European bison
Chinese goral
West caucasian tur
East caucasian tur
Siberian musk deer
Snow sheep
Wild boar
Carnivores in Russia
Asiatic black bear
Common seal
Larga seal
Corsac fox
Sea otter
Beech marten
Bearded seal
Steppe polecat
Northern sealion
Marbled polecat
Jungle cat
Wild cat
Gray seal
Northern fur seal
Arctic wolf
Yellow-throated marten
Mountain weasel
Racoon dog
Mediterranean monk seal
European polecat
Siberian weasel
Leopard cat
Common otter
Pallas's cat
Eurasian lynx
Arctic fox
Brown bear
Asiatic wild dog
European mink
European pine martin
Least weasel
Polar bear
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Russia
Common porpoise
Dall's porpoise
Bering sea beaked whale
Cuvier's beaked whale
Devil fish
Bowhead whale
Common minke whale
Coalfish whale
Grey dolphin
Blue whale
Common rorqual
Baird's beaked whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
White-beaked dolphin
Pacific white-sided dolphin
Euphrosyne dolphin
Northern right whale dolphin
Killer whale
Bottle-nosed dolphin
False killer whale
Atlantic dolphin
Bats in Russia
Particoloured bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Asian particolored bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
Bechstein's bat
Northern bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Brandt's bat
Long-fingered bat
Pond bat
Geoffroy's bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Western barbastelle
Sakhalin myotis
Far eastern myotis
Fraternal myotis
Ikonnikov's bat
Big-footed myotis
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Birdlike noctule
Nathusius' pipistrelle
European free-tailed bat
Brown big-eared bat
Greater tube-nosed bat
Ussuri tube-nosed bat
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Russia
Alpine pika
Daurian pika
Northern pika
Pallas's pika
Brown hare
Manchurian hare
European rabbit
Arctic hare
Steppe pika
Alaskan hare
Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs in Russia
Rodents in Russia
Wood lemming
Mid-day jird
Brown rat
Tarbagan marmot
Arctic lemming
Flat-headed vole
False zokor
Tamarisk jird
Wrangel lemming
Tuva silver vole
Striped field mouse
Manchurian zokor
Mongolian jird
Northern three-toed jerboa
Yellow-necked field mouse
Siberian zokor
Ciscaucasian hamster
Forest dormouse
Yellow-breasted field mouse
Transbaikal zokor
Korean field mouse
Eurasian harvest mouse
Black sea field mouse
Field vole
Eurasian red squirrel
Long-tailed field mouse
Daghestan pine vole
Northern birch mouse
Ural field mouse
Evorsk vole
Caucasian birch mouse
Reed vole
Long-tailed birch mouse
Narrow-headed vole
Kazbeg birch mouse
North siberian vole
Altai birch mouse
Juniper vole
Severtzov's birch mouse
Strand's birch mouse
Maximowicz's vole
Southern birch mouse
Middendorf's vole
Kluchor birch mouse
Mongolian vole
Giant mole rat
Muisk vole
Greater mole rat
Nasarov's vole
Daurian ground squirrel
Altai vole
Red-cheeked ground squirrel
Steppe lemming
Root vole
Russet ground squirrel
Brandt's vole
Common vole
Little ground squirrel
Amur lemming
European pine vole
Speckled ground squirrel
Campbell's hamster
Norway lemming
Eurasian beaver
Long-tailed ground squirrel
Desert hamster
Brown lemming
Caucasian snow vole
Dzhungarian hamster
Robert's snow vole
Thick-tailed three-toed jerboa
Striped dwarf hamster
Long-tailed dwarf hamster
Small five-toed jerboa
Siberian chipmunk
Gray dwarf hamster
Great jerboa
Greater long-tailed hamster
Black-bellied hamster
Common dormouse
Gray marmot
Gobi altai mountain vole
Russian flying squirrel
Bobak marmot
Lemming vole
Dwarf fat-tailed jerboa
Black-capped marmot
Large-eared vole
Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows in Russia
Steller's sea cow
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