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Animals in Slovenia
With over 50% of this tiny central and southeastern european country heavily blanketed with thick forests, Slovenia is home to many native animals.
Roaming through the large forests of beech, fir-beech and oak -beech, primarily in largely unexplored southwestern Slovenia are
wild boar
wild boar, elk and roe deer. Joining them are an abundant variety of carnivores, flesh-eating animals, such as the asiatic jackall, the arctic wolf, the
wild cat
wild cat, the cross and the
red fox
red fox, the
Eurasian lynx
eurasian lynx, the badger, the ermne, the
European polecat
european polecat, the least weasel and the beech marten. Also in abundance are the arctic hare and the brown hare, appearing throughout the country.
In the Slovenia Alps, commonly known as the Julian Alps and sharing a northern border with Austria, are marmots making their home on the alpine plains, the Alpine Ibex and the chamois. All three eat a steady diet of alpine flowers, legumes, nuts and berries, while the edible dormouse is found foraging in the beech forests of Slovenia. As of 2005, there was a limited number of wolves in the country and around 400 brown bears.
Throughout the thick forest of Slovenia, much of this land is forested and a good portion is part of a national preserve, there is a wide variety of birds: the Tawny Owl, the Longer-eared Owl, the Eagle Owl, hawks and the Short-toed Eagle, the White Stork and the Black and the Green woodpeckers. Also, there are growing number of ravens, crows and magpies in the forests and also in the larger cities of this small country with a population of a little more than 2 million.
The marble trout is a unique native of Slovenia and extensive breeding programs have been introduced throughout the country in an attempt to re-introduce this trout into other lakes and streams of Slovenia, while the bottle-nosed dolphin is commonly spotted off the tiny coast Slovenia shares with the Adriatic Sea that empties into the Mediterranean sea..
The Karst shephard, the famed Lippizan horse and the Carniolean honeybee are unique domestic animals originating in Slovenia.

Even-toed ungulates in Slovenia
Wild boar
Roe deer
Carnivores in Slovenia
Wild cat
Common otter
Cross fox
Eurasian lynx
Beech marten
European polecat
Brown bear
Least weasel
Asiatic jackal
Arctic wolf
Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Slovenia
Atlantic dolphin
Grey dolphin
Bats in Slovenia
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Nathusius' pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Brown big-eared bat
Gray big-eared bat
Northern bat
Mediterranean horseshoe bat
Greater horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Mehely's horseshoe bat
Particoloured bat
Bechstein's bat
Lesser mouse-eared bat
Long-fingered bat
Geoffroy's bat
Greater mouse-eared bat
Whiskered bat
Natterer's bat
Western barbastelle
Giant noctule
Lesser noctule
Hares, pikas, and rabbits in Slovenia
Arctic hare
Brown hare
Rodents in Slovenia
European snow vole
Black-bellied hamster
Forest dormouse
Garden dormouse
Eurasian red squirrel
Eurasian harvest mouse
Field vole
Common vole
European pine vole
Alpine pine vole
Mound-building mouse
Common dormouse
Yellow-necked field mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
Eurasian beaver
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