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As of June in 1991, the country of Slovenia'which borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps'declared itself as an independent country, free from Yugoslavia. Slovenia houses Triglav National Park, Predalpsko Hribovje or the Prealpine Alps and Lake Bled. Although Slovenia neighbors many countries known their tourism, such as Italy, this particular country may surprise you with some of its interesting sites and fascinating history.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Slovenia is known for its vineyards. In fact, the country is home to 216 sq. km of them, which produce various vintages renowned to the region. A vine by the name of Old Vine is in Maribor, and it's been thriving for more than 400 years, making it the oldest vine in the world.
Food festivals are a popular activity in the country. However, what's interesting about these festivities is that they celebrate some nontraditional food items, such as cabbage and salt. There's even a day to celebrate the food famous for roasting on an open fire'chestnuts.
Skocjan Caves are a system of caverns located in Slovenia. This cave system is infamous for consisting of limestone. What's even more shocking is that they're a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Since Slovenia has so many mountains and caverns, it has 7,000 km of mountain trails. This includes its 165 mountain shelters and huts.
Besides all the mountainous terrains of the country, there are also a vast amount of forest. The forested areas comprise approximately half of the country, which is almost 10,000 sq. km. Triglav National Park is a huge wooded region with a long history, making it the oldest national park in Europe.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. The currency of Slovenia is the Euro(EUR) Flag of Slovenia

Slovenia belongs to the European continent

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Airports in Slovenia

Ljubljana, Cerklje, Maribor - Slivnica, Murska Sobota, and Portoroz

Leaders of Slovenia
The Country dialling code of Slovenia is +386, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Slovenia is .si

Map of Slovenia



Languages spoken in Slovenia

Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian

Animals native to Slovenia / which animals live in Slovenia?

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Airlines in Slovenia

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Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Slovenia

46 07 N, 14 49 E

Kilometers of coastline

46.6 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

20,151 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

122 square kilometers

Birth rate

9 / 1000 population

Death rate

10.41 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

30 sq km
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