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The Kingdom of Sweden, as it is officially known, is the third largest country in the European Union with a total area of 450,295 square kilometers. Sweden's estimated population is a little over 9 million, most of whom live in urban areas meaning vast areas of the country are undeveloped. Much of the country is wild and untamed making it a popular destination for tourists who love the great outdoors.
5 Facts You Might Not Know
Sweden has a constitutional monarchy like several other countries in Europe. This means that the country has a monarch who acts as a figurehead but does not actually have power in decision making. A democratic parliament, which is led by a prime minister, actually runs the country. The current monarchs are members of the house of Bernadotte.
The inhabitants of Sweden are mainly Swedish with minority communities of Finns, Yugoslavs, Danes, Norwegians, Greeks, Turks and Samis. The Sami people are a nomadic people who live in the north of Sweden, often raising reindeer and living off the land.
Sweden's main religion is Lutheran and around 87% of its population are members. Other religions in the country include Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim.
Sweden does have its own military, which has historically been a major power in Europe but, for almost 200 years, has not been involved in a conflict. During both world wars, while Europe was fighting, Sweden maintained an armed neutrality ready to defend itself but unwilling to choose a side.
Untouched by the wars of the 20th century, Sweden has been able to develop an economy and society which is the envy of Europe. The successful economy and a well established welfare system mean that there is barely any poverty in the country. Sweden's economy is strongly based on agriculture, the manufacturing of precision equipment, lumber and motor vehicles.

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. The currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona(SEK) Flag of Sweden

Sweden belongs to the European continent

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Airports in Sweden

Vaxjo-Kronoberg, Tullinge, Torsby-Fryklanda, Ronneby, Åre Östersund Airport, Optand, Mora-Siljan, Malmö-Sturup flygplats, Lidkoping, Jonkoping, Hasslo, Halmstad, Bromma, Bråvalla, Barkarby, Arlanda, Linkoping - Malmen, Uppsala flygplats, Goteborg - Landvetter, Goteborg - Save, Skovde Flygplats, Trollhättan Vänersborgs flygplats, Satenas, Stockholm-Skavsta, Kristianstad - Everod, Kalmar, Hagshult, Gallivare, Jokkmokk, Kramfors Flygplats, Lycksele flygplats, Sundsvall-Harnosand Flygplats, Örnskoldsvik flygplats, Kiruna Airport, Skellefteå flygplats, Umeå flygplats, Örebro flygplats, Karlstad, Lulea - Kallax, Gunnarn, Vidsel, Borlange, Hultsfred Vimmerby flygplats, Gavle-Sandviken Airport, Linkoping - Saab, Visby flygplats, Ljungbyhed, Ängelholm-Helsingborg, and Arvidsjaur

Leaders of Sweden
The Country dialling code of Sweden is +46, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Sweden is .se

Map of Sweden



Languages spoken in Sweden

Swedish, Meänkieli, Finnish, Romani, Sami, Yiddish

Animals native to Sweden / which animals live in Sweden?

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Airlines in Sweden

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Cruise operators from Sweden

Stena Line

Coordinates (in Latitude & Longitude) of Sweden

62 00 N, 15 00 E
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Kilometers of coastline

3,218 kilometers

Square kilometers of land

410,934 square kilometers

Square kilometers of water

39,030 square kilometers

Birth rate

10.2 / 1000 population

Death rate

10.27 / 1000 population

Irrigated land

1,150 sq km
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