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Animals in Samoa
Animals living in Samoa are really quite awesome. One important terrestrial pollinator living here is the flying fox or fruit bat as some call it. They go sky-high over the Samoan ridgeline. This mega bat is found in Fiji, Samoa, and American Samoa and has plenty of Polynesian and Samoan mythology behind it. This winged creature has a legend of its own. One legend is about Nafanua, goddess of war, who is said to have been saved by flying foxes after she was abandoned on an inhospitable island. They mostly eat or drink fruit juice, pollen, and nectar, with some also drinking sea water to obtain essential minerals. These animals are on the endangered lists. You can also find quite a few small lizards, centipedes and millipedes, two snakes the boa family, and scorpions just to name a few.

Birds also roam the area. Different types of birds such as Boobies, Frigate birds; Parrots, Herons and even Shorebirds are a few of the rare animals you can find here. A few birds in particular that you won't find anywhere else are The Samoan Flycatcher, Mao, Fantail, Samoan White-Eye, Whistler, and the Triller. Recently, sightings of The Samoan Moorhen have been reported. They have been thought to be extinct until lately.

There are 113 fish families which have been recorded in Samoan waters as well as in or close to the National Park of Samoa. The dominant families include fish such as surgeonfish,
parrotfish, and
wrasse. Some of the fish found swimming here are yellow fin tuna, skipjack, and paddle tail. Many different types of whales and dolphins can also be seen here. From humpback to dwarf whales, and
spinner dolphin
spinner dolphin to bottlenose dolphin.

The Samoan culture goes back thousands of years. Religion is a huge part of their life and they are devoted Christians. Music, dancing and singing are a huge part of the Samoan culture. Tattooing is also a big part of the Samoan culture. The strength of a man's heart is symbolized by tattoos. There is plenty of culture and a lot to learn by the Samoan people.

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Dolphins, porpoises, and whales in Samoa
Long-beaked dolphin
Bottle-nosed dolphin
Fraser's dolphin
Ginkgo-toothed beaked whale
Bats in Samoa
Pacific sheath-tailed bat
Samoa flying-fox
Insular flying-fox
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